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We decided to put all of your online payment options in one place... Please make sure you are selecting the correct option!

Please note that you do not need your own PAYPAL account, payments can be made by credit/debit card payment and is simply made to MY Paypal account.


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                         (6 CLASSES)



May be used for Kettle-HIIT (Monday eve) KettleCore (Tuesday) Friday TBT If you want to join classes for the first time you are very welcome but please contact Lindsay first.

Fitness Pilates: 

               Monday Morning - 15th January to 5th February- £24

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Wednesday evening - 17th January to 8th February - £24

please note there is no class on 7th February, it will be on the 8th instead same time and place



Thursday Morning - 18th January to 8th February  - £24



Wednesday SGT:

      New 4 week term starts on 17th January £32 (online or prepaid only)




We have decided to discontinue the term payment option for this class - buying a 6 or 10 class ClassPass is better value and can be carried over if you miss a class.






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