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Monday 9th

Whoosh the TPC came and went. I would like to say painlessly - but I would be seriously lying! With intermittent internet connection, it was near impossible to blog daily as planned. Day two we climbed of Skafell Pike in the Lake District. A monster, moon-scape climb with a vicious, near vertical summit. Day three and Snowdon seemed a mere bump in the sky by comparison! By far my most favourite climb and descent, Snowdon is very do-able, though David joined a facebook group and one of the questions was 'could it be done in a mobility scooter?'!!!!!! That would have to be a no, no - unless being operated by a Royal Marine!

My legs today feel incredibly sore - calf muscles especially. I have no blisters or sore toes and for that I am truly thankful. It was a truly wonderful experience and was a challenge physically and mentally. Being tired and weary can lead to tumbles and I had two cracking ones, resulting in some bruises, but thankfully nothing worse. If you ever get the chance to climb one of the peaks, then do rise to the challenge. The views make every inch worthwhile;-)