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Sunday 22nd July

Weigh day for me today… 4 pounds and 5 inches lost in 6 days. Extremely pleased and feeling less bloaty and podgy. Have picked up my running again after an enforced lay off with injury and work committments. I have had three runs in the past week and feel great – especially today in pure blue sky and sunshine. With the rest of the week look set to follow suit, I think we have finally turned a corner and Summer has arrived! My two new classes start this week. NEWbody-balance….. A strength and stretch class. This is a long awaited session and both tomorrow and Thursday’s classes have good numbers. The heat may have some effect on class numbers this week, though I hope not too bad. I personally love the heat, working out and feeling warm is sooooooo much better than freezing cold halls in the winter months! Countdown to the Olympic opening ceremony  on Friday… Am more than excited and get shivers thinking of it all… am thinking of a class decathlon with several favourite exercises thrown in.. burpees, squat thrusts, press ups… what do you think?! Have a fantabulous week and get in touch if you need help or advice:-)

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