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Wednesday 1st August

So excited today as Bradley Wiggins is going for Gold in the time trial. Having spent several years competing in time trials, I shall feel his pain with every pedal rev! AT my best, I raced with a consistent heart rate over 165 beats per minute for over one hour - let me assure you, it hurts like hell! You become very adept at riding hard with your hear rate so high, that one or two beats over, can tip you over the edge. I knew,  pretty much to the beat, that I could keep a good rhythm and speed with a heart rate of 167. When I went higher, over 170 bpm - I would slow down... 3 beats... seems so inconsequential when you think of your heart beating normally, but near maximum training and racing is so very hard. Every Olympian - medal or not, is there cos they have put their bodies through hell and back! To be the best, you have to go through really dark times, pain and suffering come hand in hand, but without the those moments, there will no champions. Bradley knows how to hurt. How to suffer. And how to win.  COME ON WIGGO!!