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August 18th

Wow what an Olympic fortnight! The most amazing two weeks of sporting excellence, and didn't we do well? My favourite moments? Cycling's Brad Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton. I could feel their pedalling pain! The amazing Jessica Ennis, for not only being so darn good at one discipline, but 7 and looking so beautiful whilst doing it! The Brownlea triathlon brothers - because I've raced that distance and know hard it is to be consistently brilliant at three disciplines - and Ali's run time is good enough to win most 10km road races on alone! We never watched anything else on TV for the entire time - nor never wanted to... love live sport - simple! We feel somewhat bereft now and have been watching the recordings we made - reliving the marvellous medal moments!

Have you been tempted to try a new sport then? I have picked up my road running and feel excited to do something different. Classes calm down over the Bank Holiday week and then really kick off! FITNESS PILATES is going to be brilliant and it's really busy already so PLEASE CONTACT if you want to be on the list - especially the Wednesday night. Don't miss out;-) xx