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Monday 17th

So now I'm officially 50! I seem to have been here for years and am sure I have  told some that I am when I was not - tis easier having an '0' in your age eh?!

Fantastic classes today. Fitness Pilates is here and happening and a HUGE success! I love it and most of my class members seem to feel the same. RESULT! Tonights Body Shock Circuits was a blast. 35 people of mixed ages and abilities, working out side by side. Perfect.

FAT2FIT in 28 days has got a great group of girls losing lard ready for the half term holidays. Not gonna mention the 'C' word yet - but it really is only weeks away. Who's  gonna be a fit, sexy minx and who's gonna wish they had stepped away from the pies sooner?

Have a good week and if you need my help - I'm just a click away;-) x