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Dec 23rd

I'M  very excited as Christmas Eve is my last class of the year. I have a full class for Small Group Training at 8.30am and I can't wait;-)

Today I ran 8 miles and then spent a lovely afternoon with my  family for a Christmas lunch and a much needed catch-up .This evening I have been writing and planning new workouts for Fitness Pilates and STEP classes in 2013. Fitness is ever changing and evolving and I can't ignore the fact that people try the new trends on the block. What will be new in 2013? Mind-body classes are very popular. As the working day and week lengthens and stress levels increase as we try and juggle more and more. If my clients are stressed when they come to me, some do not need more stress in the form of high intensity exercise forced upon them. There is more to keeping fit and healthy than jumping around and getting hot and sweaty! Training smarter NOT harder is the way forward. I am very much looking forward to Christmas and a rest from teaching, but I have lots planned for next year and am really excited about the fitness future! If you would like to try some classes or know about FAT2FIT nutrition courses, then drop me an email. Visit