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Monday 29th July

Day one back to work and day one of my 15 day clean and lean detox. Classes today have been fantastic. This morning at 9am a great combo of total core and Fitness Pilates. Happy, smiley faces make teaching easy and it was so good to see old and new faces.

BODY-SHOCK circuits this evening was amazing. I used a new timing format. 8 exercises. 1:1 – that is 1 minute exercise and non stop, straight into the next for another minute. Complete 8 minutes and rest 2 minutes. We repeated this three times, though I did vary each block of 8 minutes. It was testing to say the least – but we all did it and all smiled widely at the end. My arms were shaking at the end and I think they will feel the love for a the rest of the week!

Day one of eating has been great. Protein at each meal. Salad and vege alongside. Water, Lemon and Ginger tea through day and that’s it. I have put my before photo up to shame me into staying off the cappuccino and cake and hope to shed some fat from my torso. Along with the exercise, this should be a kick into touch that I needed after a week frolicking in France!

This is me in my M and S finest! Exactly 10.00 stones. 

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