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Sunday August 4th

The weekend is nearly over and I am through it with not too much damage to my 15 day diet challenge! I have stuck to three meals a day and no snacks – though Saturday I had two meals and a 99 ice cream after a hard slog in the garden. I did a tough SGT session on Saturday morning. 45 minutes of HIIT training will help my fat burning furnace no end! This Sunday morning I ran a rolling 4 miles… Tomorrow morning is weigh day and whatever it says, I know I FEEL much better. The bloating has gone and the swollen feeling I get in my boobs and tummy when I over do the calories is not there – so I know eating clean and lean is a great way to get on track.

At 9.00am tomorrow my new 50/50 class of Core and More and Fitness Pilates kicks off a busy, physical week. Last week this class had 25 people in it. Brilliant effort on a holiday Monday!

Have a great week and if you fancy a class or three, give me a shout.

Lindsay x

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