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Monday 5th August. WEIGH DAY!

Yep… it’s here.. Half way there and how did I do?

Weighed this morning in same clothes and time etc…. I was 10.00 stone and I am (ta day…) 9 st 8 lbs

So hard work and good food pays off. I haven’t gone hungry and  aside from not snacking, this is my usual style of eating. Perfect planning helps and shopping and making lists of what you need and what you will eat, when, is crucial to success.

I have another week of strictly lean and mean and though the weight on the scales doesn’t matter (it does) it is the shape of me that I want to see and the definition in my core. Hard work in classes and a few runs and I am on a hardcore Kettle Bell course next Sunday, so no time for munchies there and certainly not in front of fit, strong instructors!!

Two classes today. Core and more and Fitness Pilates this morning and the mother of a circuit class tonight. Feeling the burn in me bum so gotta be good!

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