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Tuesday 6th August

Today I taught one of my NEW daily classes. Tons of Toning for half an hour and then some Super Stretching to finish the hour. I follow a format of 45/15 seconds work to rest ratio and it really is great. Enough work time to feel muscular fatigue and enough rest to recover, but not get bored! There was no aerobic section, but we were sweating buckets at the end as lots of the moves use full body weight. The stretching section was wonderful and really good to spend longer stretching often neglected areas, such as hips and inner thighs. Everyone agreed it reached parts long forgotten! If you would like to try then just give me a call or contact me through the site details on home page.

My clean and lean challenge is going well and I have worked my butt off in all my classes as well as sticking to my three meals a day. Tough when it’s ice cream weather and I had the afternoon and evening off! Still… a moment on the lips….. 😉

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