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Monday 12th August

Today is day 15 of my clean and lean eating plan. How much lard can I shed to show my six pack! Well aside from two teeny lapses eating wise, I was very good and lost 6 pounds! Quite a lot for me as am pretty muscular. I certainly feel better around the mid section and my photos show a leaner look so am happy. Gotta keep up the good work, should the sun ever come out and I get chance to wear one of the 6 bikinis I bought for summer!

I had a fabulous training day yesterday and completed my KETTLERCISE training course and will be teaching this brilliant class just as soon as I can sort a venue and time. It will be a great addition to my style of teaching and is very time efficient – in that you get in-work hard- cool down and go home! It will transform your body shape and give you a great physique. I am really excited to be teaching this class, so watch the Home page or your emails for details. I have had lots of interest from my Facebook page, which is fantastic news. For those who don’t know, Kettlercise uses the much loved Kettle Bells for a total body workout that strengthens and defines all your muscles. All set to great music, the class lasts 50 minutes and is a guaranteed sweat-fest!

Back to this week and though I was very sore after yesterday’s training, I taught a lovely core-condtioning class this morning, followed by a blissful Fitness Pilates half hour. I have tonight’s Body-shock circuits class all ready to kick off, so I hope you can make it. Have a look at the home page on my site, and see if there is a session to suit you;-)

Have a great day

Lindsay xx








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