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A busy few weeks getting the last term of classes up and running. Very excited tonight to be presenting the last Fat2Fit club of the year. Ten folks have signed up to look leaner and lovelier before the Christmas party season gets under way. Fat2Fit educates on the best way to lose fat AND gain lean muscles that help you to continue losing fat, even at rest!

I am continually testing and trying nutritional ideas to ensure you lose FAT weight and not energy. If you feel hungry on a ‘diet’ you are not going to last long. Eat the right foods in the right amounts and gain an edge on your friends counting calories and eating low fat-no taste highly processed rubbish. Looking forward to the next few weeks.

All classes are busy and even Bonfire Night, 31 turned up to KETTLERCISE. We had a great time! Today’s Small Group Training girls were eased in carefully. The next few weeks will see some fit tests and very fit bodies. All ages from 30 something to 60 something, but all giving 100%. Very  proud. Here’s to a great week in fitness! xx

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