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Festive fitness!

I have just released dates for classes in 2014, but there is still plenty of time to get fit so you can really enjoy the festive season. No one wants to feel fat and frumpy over Christmas and if you join me for some HIIT classes, then you can burn some serious fat and feel […]

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Let’s make it a good one girls! Ten gorgeous girls. Together we can lose STONES AND INCHES GALORE! You are going to try new foods, new ideas and forget calorie counting. Ditch the ‘diet foods’. Eat real food. De-junk your brain and De-tox your body. Learn how you can eat for life not just for […]

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A busy few weeks getting the last term of classes up and running. Very excited tonight to be presenting the last Fat2Fit club of the year. Ten folks have signed up to look leaner and lovelier before the Christmas party season gets under way. Fat2Fit educates on the best way to lose fat AND gain […]

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Kettlercise Klub!

Oh my word, what a night! Weeks of practise and sleepless nights running through the routine over and over really paid off. Me and 34 Kettlercisers had the workout of all workouts! Sweat and swearing (more of one than the other!) Smiles and sighs..It really made my day. I have been teaching over 30 years […]

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NEW VENUES THIS WEEK for Body Shock circuits! Monday 30th Sept at 6pm at St George’s Hall Fordington (behind the church). A new 45 minute class that will challenge your body. A FABulous class if you’re looking to improve fitness AND burn fat! Come and see. Tuesday 1st October is KETTLERCISE. This is a NEW […]

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Friday 30th August

The holidays are all but over. Monday 2nd of September is all systems GO! The summer of Fitness4LIfe has been fantastic! Daily classes all full at 9am in the morning. The 50-50 format of cardio and toning and then either Fitness Pilates or SupaStretch was a great success and though I cannot fit it in […]

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Thursday 15th August

KETTLERCISE IS COMING! Really excited to be starting this amazing fitness class. Your fitness is going to SOAR and your muscles will be SORE (for a few days after!) But the gains are HUGE and I can’t wait to get going. Just securing a venue in Dorchester. Would you like to come? I have some […]

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Monday 12th August

Today is day 15 of my clean and lean eating plan. How much lard can I shed to show my six pack! Well aside from two teeny lapses eating wise, I was very good and lost 6 pounds! Quite a lot for me as am pretty muscular. I certainly feel better around the mid section […]

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Tuesday 6th August

Today I taught one of my NEW daily classes. Tons of Toning for half an hour and then some Super Stretching to finish the hour. I follow a format of 45/15 seconds work to rest ratio and it really is great. Enough work time to feel muscular fatigue and enough rest to recover, but not […]

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