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Challenge Fat Loss

CFL is an online course which  uses a private Facebook group for support and to pass on information and documents.

After 10 years of teaching various live courses to Dorchester based people, I moved the course to be totally on line via a private FaceBook group. The courses now attract people world wide as the internet means there are no distance barriers. I have new people joining the group every  CHALLENGE FAT LOSS as well as those who stay for every course, for many reasons and not only fat loss. The home exercise videos are  a big part of the course and  will ensure that you gain some nice muscles along  the way - so very important in the burning of fat and long term success. My no-nonsense, super-food approach will guarantee you will be healthier, happier, lighter and more toned in just a few weeks. This is not a "Crash Diet" and involves learning how to manage eating normal food and trying some new ones.

Via our private group, I deliver daily V-logs, telling you exactly what to do to, advice on how to plan, prepare and cook lovely meals for you and your family. There are a selection of CFL RECIPE BOOKS to help you choose great foods and show you new ideas. You will also receive  a library of various exercise videos that will help blast stubborn fat and give you the best chance to improve your fitness and health in the minimum of time. I have helped hundreds of women and men over the years, with losses of up to 15 pounds in just 20 days. You will not find an easier way of losing fat that brings health and a fitter, stronger body as well as improved body confidence. For more information and testimonials please read below.

The CFL principles really are life changing and not only will you be fitter and slimmer, but you will have less IBS symptoms, better skin and hair. If you are DIABETIC, I will help you manage your blood sugar AND lose fat, so you may need less insulin and quite likely come off most meds.

If you follow my no-nonsense, super-food approach  you will be healthier, happier, lighter and more toned in a couple of weeks. This is not a "Crash Diet" does not involve meal replacements,  shakes or bars but does involve learning to love food and not fear it.

 Daily support, motivation, information and specially tailored exercise videos.... A bargain compared to other Fat loss programmes and ALL ON LINE.

 You will need to be a Facebook user and familiar with navigating the site.

So what makes this different from other diet programmes?

For starters, I want you to forget totally about counting calories. It is absolutely out-dated and has been proved that for long-term fat-loss sustainability, it does not work. Dieting makes you fat! A donut and a chicken breast may have the same number of calories, but the fact that the calories from the donut can help make you gain and store fat and the chicken breast will help you burn and lose fat is knowledge that you simply must know.

It is also a sad fact that has been proven by study after study that exercise alone does not cause you to lose weight, but the right exercise coupled with eating the right foods WORKS!

Your body is full of hormones – chemical messengers, released by cells that influence everything in your body. Certain hormones determine whether your body stores or burns fat. FACT. When you know how to manipulate these hormones with nutrition and exercise, you can eventually eat any foods you like!

  • Are you fed up with dieting and getting no where?
  • Are you tired of spending all your life looking for the ‘magic pill’?
  • Have you lost weight and put it all back on again – AND MORE?
  • Have you lost weight – but look awful naked?

If you answered yes to the above, then you need up-to-date nutritional and exercise advice. Gone are the days when you should plod away on the treadmill. Row across the channel on the Concept2. Ride the hills on your bike…. Endless – mindless cardio exercise is a poor way of burning fat and it WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY.

There is a BETTER way of losing fat and shaping a beautiful body. Be fitter, stronger and shapelier. I have helped hundreds of people, male and female, from aged 17 to 70 lose fat AND get in shape with this Challenge plan. It is science backed – NOT science fiction.

Some happy CFL clients who have lost pounds and inches on my most recent courses in 2017/2018

From Alex.. "Just finished my first CFL and loved it! I've lost 12lb and 8 inches, and have so much more energy. Thank you Lindsay for teaching me to eat so much better, and giving me the confidence to get out there and exercise! X" (2018 update, Alex has now reached a four stone loss!)

From Heather "Hi Lindsay - I have lost 15 lbs doing CFL and now find myself looking for chances to walk rather than drive to up my step count and even went to a fitness class. I have returned to swimming as I have so much more energy and a much more positive outlook on life. No more groggy headaches and I sleep better. I've saved money on petrol and takeaways and have eaten lots of healthy foods. Thanks to Lindsay for a friendly and supportive kick up the rear!" (2018 update. Heather is now an incredible four stones lighter!)

From Lynne "My first CFL.
A 12lb loss with a total of 6.5inches off too.
Energy levels definitely improving. Appetite more even, no cravings for snacks.
Feeling really good & positive.
Huge support back up is amazing, everyone at whatever level is in this together.
Plan is easy to follow & just full of good clean wholesome food. Loving it.
Thank you Lindsay & Team CFL"

Lindsay Beale asserts copyright in all written material provided in the course and the names "20 Day Challenge" and "Challenge Fat Loss".