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CFL HEALTH HUB is an online group which  uses a private Facebook group for support and to pass on information and documents.

After 15 years of teaching various live courses to Dorchester based people, I moved the course to be totally on line via a private FaceBook group. The courses now attract people world wide as the internet means there are no distance barriers. I have new people joining the  CFL HEALTH HUB  group as well as those who stay for every course, for many reasons and not only fat loss. The home exercise videos are  a big part of the course and  will ensure that you gain some nice muscles along  the way – so very important in the burning of fat and long term success. My no-nonsense, EAT REAL FOOD approach will guarantee you will be healthier, happier, lighter and more toned in just a few weeks. This is not a “Crash Diet” and involves learning how to manage eating normal food and trying some new ones.

Via our private group, I deliver daily V-logs, telling you exactly what to do to, advice on how to plan, prepare and cook lovely meals for you and your family. There are a selection of CFL RECIPE BOOKS to help you choose great foods and show you new ideas. You will also receive  a library of various exercise videos that will help blast stubborn fat and give you the best chance to improve your fitness and health in the minimum of time. There are also LIVE daily workouts to keep you really motivated to join in as I do it. I have helped hundreds of women and men over the years, with losses of up to 15 pounds in just 20 days. You will not find an easier way of losing fat that brings health and a fitter, stronger body as well as improved body confidence. For more information and testimonials please read below.

The CFL principles really are life changing and not only will you be fitter and slimmer, but you will have less IBS symptoms, better skin and hair. If you are DIABETIC, I will help you manage your blood sugar AND lose fat, so you may need less insulin and quite likely come off most meds.

 Daily support, motivation, information and specially tailored exercise videos…. A bargain compared to other Fat loss programmes and ALL ON LINE.

 You will need to be a Facebook user and familiar with navigating the site.

So what makes this different from other diet programmes?

Your body is full of hormones – chemical messengers, released by cells that influence everything in your body. Certain hormones determine whether your body stores or burns fat. FACT. Stress, poor sleep, alcohol, processed foods, too much cardio exercise can keep you wired and tired so your body breaks down. Illness and injury ruin your efforts. PERI and MENOPAUSE means a huge shift in your sex hormones which can lead to fat gain around the middle. No matter how much exercise you do, it will not shift. When you know how to manipulate these hormones with nutrition and the correct exercise, you WILL lose body fat and eventually eat any foods you like!

  • Are you fed up with dieting and getting no where?
  • Are you tired of spending all your life looking for the ‘magic pill’?
  • Have you lost weight and put it all back on again – AND MORE?
  • Have you lost weight – but look awful naked?

If you answered yes to the above, then you need up-to-date nutritional and exercise advice. Gone are the days when you should plod away on the treadmill. Row across the channel on the Concept2. Ride the hills on your bike…. Endless – mindless cardio exercise is a poor way of burning fat and it WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY.

There is a BETTER way of losing fat and shaping a beautiful body. Be fitter, stronger and shapelier. I have helped hundreds of people, male and female, from aged 17 to 70 lose fat AND get in shape with this Challenge plan. It is science backed – NOT science fiction.

Some happy CFL clients who have lost pounds and inches on my most recent courses.

From Jon March 2020 Hey Gents, CFL is not just for the ladies; it has been brilliant for me as well. Yes I’ve lost a lot of weight (18.5lb in 6 weeks) but more importantly I’ve learned how to eat healthily. I feel better than I have for years. Lindsay is a fantastic groupleader who takes you on a journey of discovery; leading and motivating every day. Yes the group has a large majority of females but (although initially daunting) they’re all super friendly and supportive. Without the group support I wouldn’t have succeeded. Most strongly recommended.”

From Tracey. March 2020 ” This is my first CFL course and it been brilliant, loved it. Christmas and new year were a low point for me, then I contacted Lindsay and have never looked back, nor want too!!! From the first email she filled me with hope and a feeling that there was help out there for me. Honestly six weeks ago I would never have thought I would have lost the weight I have or more importantly feel so much healthier in body and soul! Lindsay your positivity and energy is infectious. You really do change people’s lives and outlooks. You really are a Superstar 🌟 ! The rest of the CFL team are amazing too, Sally and Rachel who are so friendly and make you feel like you have been part of the group for ages. Everyone in the group have been so encouraging too and it’s nice to know your not alone, it makes a massive difference. Looking forward to my next CFL course. 😘 x”

From Angela. March 2020.  CFL has been an inspiration, helping me change what I eat and how I eat. Lindsay is awe inspiring (in a good way), very supportive and motivating. The group share experiences, offer support and put a smile on my face daily.

From Sarah. march 2020. I have been part of cfl for over 2 years now. It is about much more than weight loss. Lindsay’s daily vlogs are informative and motivational. She talks about how to improve all aspects of your life which affect your weight, fitness,health and happiness. The daily workouts have taught me that 10 minutes exercise is worth doing and that you can fit exercise into a busy day.
Lindsay is always there to give her support and answer questions. Her caring and positive nature is infectious and encourages a nurturing and supportive community where members can share recipes, ideas, problems and advice. I have learnt so much and made many new friends. Cfl is not a diet it’s a way of life!

From Chloe May 2019. “If you’re looking to feel fitter, healthier or lose weight without following faddy diets or doing hours in a gym without achieving your goals, look no further than Lindsay Beale and CFL.
I first attended Lindsay’s fitness classes about 30yrs ago and have been following CFL  courses for the last few years. Lindsay is hugely knowledgeable (and supportive) about all things related to healthy food and fitness as she truly understands how your body works. I can honestly say the CFL courses are easy to follow, including for your family, and I not only lost the weight I wanted to but felt so much better and continue to do so.
Lindsay is always available to answer questions. There are delicious and easy recipes provided to suit your needs. The bite size exercise videos are brilliant. Lindsay’s daily vlogs highly motivating and the closed group full of support, helpful tips, & recipes. If you want to be part of a lovely, supportive group, look and feel great, lose weight and get fitter, join a course/class ASAP. Can’t speak highly enough of Lindsay and CFL!

From Amy April 2019 “I joined one of Lindsay’s CFL groups last year after a friend recommended I try it out. I wanted to lose a reasonable amount of weight after having my two children and other ‘diets’ I had tried just didn’t seem to work long term. I was amazed at the results but not just that, the support I received from Lindsay and the other group members was phenomenal. In four months I’ve lost nearly two and a half stone and have been shown how to look at food and exercise in a completely different way, the easiest way possible. Would I recommend Lindsay and CFL? Most definitely, YES!”

From Rachel. May 2019 “I’ve been following Lindsay’s CFL online Course since February and in 11 weeks I’ve lost 20lb ! I’ve also lost 6.5inches off my waist and 6.5 inches off my hips.
My husband has also lost over 14lb.
The courses are easy to follow, Lindsay and the other members are incredibly supportive and share recipes and boost each other when we are facing challenging days.
The course has introduced us to a whole new way of eating healthily which I’m hopeful we will stick to for life.
I feeling great about my shape now and feeling more energetic I’ve taken up running and am doing my first Park Run on Saturday I also enjoy cycling and Lindsay’s Fitness Pilates classes.
I’ve tried weight watchers and Slimming world in the past but they haven’t worked for me it’s been great finding a way of eating which actually makes you shift pounds and inches I would thoroughly recommend Lindsay’s CFL Course and classes she is an inspiration 🏆”

Lindsay Beale asserts copyright in all written material provided in the course and the name “Challenge Fat Loss”.

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