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Archive | June, 2012

Friday 29th

AMAZING. now have 50 names on my FREE taster session for FITNESS PILATES… Now gonna have to do 2 classes! Great Total Body Training this morning……. HARDCORE;-) Bring on the weekend and a teeny party in DorchVegas!

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Wednesday 27th

WHAT A GREAT PENULTIMATE CLASS! Charmintser BLT was a sweaty betty warm night and we worked our socks off;-) Well done gang. Super Proud. WOW!! Launched my new ON LINE fitness videos last night! 6 workouts at home with me;-) Six ten minute videos to work your body, head to toe. There are more on […]

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Monday Mayhem!

Fabulous classes and energy today Dorchester!  SGT at 8.30am and some great work with dumbbells and stability balls! This evening at St Osmunds, BodyShock Circuits. Wow-wie HOT and HOTTER! Great work everyone;-) Fancy a class?

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One reason I love my job;-)

 Thanks from one happy client! Lindsay Beale has had such a hugely positive impact on my life, it’s hard to convey just how big a turnaround she’s given me. When I started Lindsay’s LBL course, I was very overweight and unfit. I had bad back problems and was limited with the exercises I could do. […]

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W/E 24th June

Well no deluge of rain yet – David and I have  long walk planned tomorrow as training for the Three Peaks Challenge. Excitement and nerves and knowing we have the week after in France as holiday is a nice carrot at the end of a very long stick! Feeling pretty fit and body and feet […]

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