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Archive | October, 2012

Thursday 25th October

Just been for lovely run. Positive I’m getting fitter and faster, but darn Endomondo gets my mile splits wrong! Shall I turn it off and just run for fun and because I can and want to? NO NO NO. I have to know how far, how long and how fast – or in my case, […]

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October 17th

Hi there… still great weather if you’re training outside. Born2Run club have their first training session together on Friday. Very excited to see them all and hear how the running is going. Have two enquiries about joining up after Christmas, so do keep in touch. Fitness Pilates tonight at Charminster. Can’t believe we are at […]

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WINTER DRAWERS ON! OCTOBER 2012 OCTOBER NEWS Hi << Test First Name >> Well HELLO to you. Long time no speak and I have much to say. So make a cuppa and sit a bit;-) First of all I must thank you for making my 30th birthday very memorable! Despite my outgoing persona, I am […]

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October 1st

A new month always heralds a new start – new fitness regime – new diet – new kit! This morning’s Fitness Pilates was lovely. Week 4 and we moved up a notch with some new butt and core moves. Think those will be felt in the morning.. Body Shock Circuits is just a blast and […]

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