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Monday (10:30 am) and Thursday (9:30 am) classes are at At Dorchester Judo Club (Sawmills Lane)

Wednesday Class (6:30 pm) is at The United Church Hall Charles Street Dorchester

Fitness Pilates DorchesterFitness Pilates is a group exercise programme designed to enhance posture, strength, balance and stability in the healthy adult. Fitness Pilates, although based upon the teachings of Joseph Pilates and effective exercise prescription is not “pure” Pilates and involves standing, kneeling and mat work but is perhaps more relevant to real life situations!

It is not remedial, clinical or diagnostic in its approach, but has its base firmly in group exercise.

The aim of  Fitness Pilates is:

 To improve posture.

To improve core stability.

To increase mobility and flexibility.

√ improve strength and balance.

If you have been recommended by your GP, clinical or sports therapist to work on your deep stomach muscles, or back muscles, then I can help you. The Fitness Pilates classes are progressive and the classes will change weekly. Some exercises may not be suited to all body types and if you are receiving treatment for back, shoulder or core injuries, then you must tell me before joining the sessions.  Fitness Pilates will help you learn and possibly, re-learn correct movement patterns which will eventually become second nature.

Please email me if you are un-sure if Fitness Pilates is suitable for you. I cannot diagnose your injury, but I will have a better opportunity to discuss what is best for you.


FITNESS PILATES is a not intended as a drop-in** class. For the class – and you – to improve, it has to progress each week. Therefore  payment is offered for a course of classes

 You may choose which classes you want (from 3 classes each week to one class per week)- as long as the class is not full. Booking therefore is essential to get your preferred time.

If you are booked onto the course and miss a class. It CANNOT be carried over,

but you can come to another FP class during that term time.

‘DROP-IN’ class fees. You may come along at a day rate of £7 per session – IF THERE IS A SPACE.

Priority will always be given to paid members.

Please get in touch as soon as you can to secure your space.

It’s always nice to hear from clients who have enjoyed FP and the benefits it brings…..

Hi Lindsay,

I just wanted to give you some feedback and a massive thank you for what you do. I am so enjoying the classes and can’t believe what a difference they make to my back’s well being. 5 years of chronic pain caused by hypermobility induced pelvic rotation was finally sorted with an intensive back therapy course I did in Bournemouth. Your class is so perfect for helping me stay aligned and strong , ensuring the work I did is maintained. I can physically feel the ‘grateful ness’ of my body after every class! It’s almost like you know exactly what I need as the exercises always feel perfect for any niggles that might be trying to start. I am so happy to have found what my body needs at last to sustain its health.

The energy and enthusiasm you bring to the day is also much appreciated, the classes are so uplifting and friendly as well as being a really intense workout.

I just wanted to let you know I find you very inspiring as a professional, and business woman, and I am really pleased to have found your class. Thanks for doing all you do, have a lovely week.

Lucy x


“Hi Linz
Just to say – I will definitely be back after half term – I LOVE FITNESS PILATES!! 
You are so right in everything you say in your newsletter – I have literally never felt so good about myself since doing the CFL programme – and I am far from having a 6 pack!!  Ha ha!!  I’ve just stuck to the main principles of your healthy eating plan throughout and post pregnancy and it has totally just become the way I live now.  And because I can see the difference in my body through being predominantly wheat free I can allow myself the odd treat without completely falling off the wagon because I don’t want to stop feeling like I do!  It’s great!!
I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you (without sounding like a complete head case!) because you and your advice has totally transformed every aspect of my life.  I just wish i’d discovered it earlier!!  Rest assured as payback I am constantly telling all my friends how fantastic you are!!  Ha ha!!  And I know I am not alone!!

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