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60 minute class is £5.00 MOT me link Join me Live or Later at a time to suit you!

Hundreds of classes on the page.

I am now teaching Fitness Pilates ON LINE in a private face book group. You will need to be able to access FACEBOOK to take part in the sessions. Payment for one off classes are available for 24 hours after the session is finished.

Fitness Pilates is an exercise programme designed to enhance posture, strength, balance and stability in the healthy adult. Fitness Pilates, although based upon the teachings of Joseph Pilates and effective exercise prescription is not “pure” Pilates and involves standing, kneeling and mat work but is perhaps more relevant to real life situations!

It is not remedial, clinical or diagnostic in its approach, but has its base firmly in group exercise.

The aim of  Fitness Pilates is:


√ To improve posture.

√ To improve core stability.

√ To increase mobility and flexibility.

√ improve strength and balance.

If you have been recommended by your GP, clinical or sports therapist to work on your deep stomach muscles, or back muscles, then I can help you. The Fitness Pilates classes are progressive and the classes will change weekly. Some exercises may not be suited to all body types and if you are receiving treatment for back, shoulder or core injuries, then you must tell me before joining the sessions. Fitness Pilates will help you learn and possibly, re-learn correct movement patterns which will eventually become second nature.

Please message me if you are un-sure if Fitness Pilates is suitable for you. I cannot diagnose your injury, but I will have a better opportunity to discuss what is best for you.

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