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HiiT to DroP

HIIT Circuits class Dorchester

HiiT or High Intensity Interval Training in Dorchester.

HiiT to DroP on Monday evenings 6pm St Georges Church Hall Fordington Dorchester 45 minute class (trust me thats all you will need!) for £6:00

This is the most time efficient class where you can work hard with the minimum of fuss and get maximum results. Strengthen every muscle and improve your heart and lungs. Short but tough efforts to maximise fat burning and get you in the best shape of your life. HIIT classes are easy to make easy if you need to. You get out what you put in and if you are not as fit as you would like to be, then I will give you an alternative exercise. The class moves fast and you will be challenged to push to your limits – wherever that is on any given day!

The class will  will generally use Kettlebells as well as bodyweight and bands interspersed with Aerobic work – I can provide Kettlebells but bring you own if you have one.

I have clients under aged 20 and over 65 in the same class, male and female and all get the workout they need because everybody can work to THEIR own limits with encouragement by others.

Each workout is unique, fresh and designed to be a total body experience!

The aim of HiiT training is to work at or near your maximum. In practical terms this is likely to be near rather than at maximum – it is the same for any such class, after all you still need to get home! For this reason if you have clinical back/joint issues, then HIIT MAY not be appropriate for you. Contact me to discuss – I’m not saying that it won’t be suitable but it is important to discuss the issues.

contact Lindsay for more details….

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