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HIIT Circuits class

Every Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) at St George’s Hall Fordington.

45 minutes of fat burning and total toning. Each class is £6 on the night (or you may pay by class pass).

No need to book, though if you are unsure of anything, get in touch first.

High-Intensity Interval Training* or HIIT circuits class will get your heart pumping and the fat burning hormones fired up for hours afterwards. You can work to your own pace but for the best results that should be your highest intensity.

Exercises using kettlebells, bodyweight and sometimes resistance bands, will help build the lean muscle mass required to keep burning calories and fat effectively while high energy efforts will help with cardio-vascular fitness and keep heart rate high. Mix in some core exercises to help shape and strengthen muscles so essential for a good posture in daily life.

We put a heart rate monitor on my partner David as he did the class, the track recorded what the class does for your heart!

David's heart rate Track



* Beware all the publicity about gaining improvements in just 3 minutes. It is not practically possible (and unwise) to train to your absolute limit – as required to achieve those improvements – outside laboratory conditions and with medical supervision.

This is the next best thing and you will of course still improve fitness levels but you need to take a balanced view of exercise as with anything!












An all round class suitable to everybody.

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