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Every weekday morning LIVE AT 0900 I teach the most popular class, HIIT and LIIT! High Intensity Interval Training and Lower Intensity Interval Training! You will need a pair of dumbbells, kettle bell and a booty band to get the most out of the workouts, but you can also use tins of beans or bottles of water. Kit can easily be found on Amazon, E bay as well as sporting websites. FITNESS PILATES is LIVE at 10.00 on Wednesday morning.  STRETCH AND RELAX is a weekly favourite on a Friday morning.

All sessions have mobility, flexibility and balance to ensure every part of fitness is included every week. Age range in LL is from 30’s to high 70’s… Some VERY fit older adults (including me I like to think) and some not fit and average fit too.. WE all rub along together and it is so easy to find your fit. All the exercises are designed to be up or down graded to suit how YOU feel that day. 

Cost for ONE OFF CLASS LINDSAY LIVE: £5.00 (You will stay in the group for 24 hours to use the class!)

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Cost for LL  £55 for four weeks and includes four HiiT classes, a stretch class AND fitness pilates per week. 

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Cost for one week in LL is £15 and includes all the classes as above.

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I design ALL the workouts. They are different and fresh everyday. If you would like to try a week’s classes, then let me know!

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