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Triathlon/Run/Cycle Coaching

D and L Coaching. Achieve YOUR personal best.

David and I have launched a NEW side to the business. Combining our skills we have developed training plans to help aspiring runners and multi sport weekend warriors! We have many years of training and experience between us and we can offer appropriate training and nutrition plans for the novice and experienced athlete.

If you want to start running but have no idea how, then you will benefit from a personal training plan for you. Not a generic ‘couch to 5km’ plan, that you can find in any magazine or on line, but a plan that takes into account your time, work and social commitments and of course experience and that will develop over the training period.

*Do you want to take your training to the next level?
*Are you plodding along at the same speed and on the same routes?
*Does your partner need help or direction with planning their training?
*Do you need a training plan for a race or event that you fancy doing?
*Do you think your are not good enough/fit enough/fast enough?

You all know that I am qualified in exercise and nutrition and have 30 years experience of training myself and others.
David is an IRONMAN certified triathlon coach and can help with all aspects of multi sport training. He is of course experienced in triathlon, from short distance, swimming pool events,  to the full long distance. He has raced in local and international triathlons and has vast experience at local level with road/cross country and trail running. He was selected for the GB team in the European Championships age group race.

Feel free to contact us if there is anything you would like to discuss.

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