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Six videos of my favourite exercises to get you great results in the minimum time.

If you watched the TV programme recently, ‘Horizon’ – The truth about exercise –  you will know that there is no need to exercise at low intensity for long periods to improve fitness and fat loss. Short bursts of exercise  effort will reap huge rewards. You will notice the difference in a couple of weeks with just 10 minutes a day – Fantastic for the busy days you cannot get to a full class!

By request I have created 6 videos ( and a bonus Stretching video) all around 10 minutes long of varying intensity and targeting different areas of the body.

YOU CAN NOW BUY ALL SIX VIDEOS AT A BARGAIN £20.00 and can be paid online.

Click here for the checkout page

You will have to be logged in as a member of the site to access the pages on which the links are sited. Once you have paid for the videos, go to the MEMBERS LOGIN (top left on the HOME page) You must REGISTER to get a password and user name. Then you can navigate back to WOW page.

The six videos are in pairs and they come in 3 groups:

W.T.F …….Work off That Fat: Video one: 16 minutes of Super Sculpting using one pair of dumb bells (you could use resistance band) and the  step (optional). 16 exercises varying in intensity to create a gorgeous burn in every muscle.

Video two: Jump and Pump uses one pair of dumb bells and the step.  Get ready to feel a glorious after-glow. GUARANTEED!

F.N.F ……..Fit’N’Firm: Video one called Very Hot and Sweaty uses a skipping rope (but you can just pretend!) interspersed with your own body weight exercises to get the heart rate high and you in a lather;-)

Video two uses the Stability Ball (but you can just lay on the floor) Six core exercises and four simple cardio efforts.

T.L.C………Toned Legs and Core: Video one is Legs and Co. and targets the legs through multi direction moves. Using rhythm and intensity to make simple exercises more challenging. A pair of dumb bells are helpful, but an option. Core work completes this low body blitz!

Video two is all about the core and abdominals. Targeting muscles from all directions and using the step and stability ball (optional) to create a super advanced workout!

Let me know what you think and email me how you found them and what ones you loved (and hated!)

Look out for more on the site and start to build up your own library of workouts that you can do anywhere you wish 😉


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